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Mar 27, 2024 24 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Travel Hacking for Affordable Adventures & Smart Flying Tips

Unlock the secrets to globe-trotting on a budget with our ultimate guide to travel hacking! Discover how to fly for less, maximize loyalty rewards, and turn everyday spending into extraordinary adventures. From snagging error fares to exploring the hidden gems of Nepal without breaking the bank, we're here to show you how savvy travel is not just a dream—it's an achievable reality. Ready to transform the way you see the world? Let's embark on this journey together and make your travel dreams come true, smartly and affordably. #TravelHacking #SmartTravel #AdventureAwaits

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Mar 26, 2024 18 min read
Smart Money, Open World: Financially Savvy Digital Nomad’s Guide to Working From Anywhere

Who doesn't love the thrill of travel, the joy of exploring new cultures? What if we said that you will also have the freedom of working from anywhere while you are travelling and exploring? Well, this is not for everyone. But if you are passionate about travelling and also have a skill that allows you to work from anywhere, you should consider the nomadic way of life and become a digital nomad. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it fun? You will absolutely love it! Dive into our ultimate guide for digital nomads, featuring essential tips on budgeting, income strategies, and real-life success stories, including a deep dive into the vibrant culture and affordability of Nepal. Whether you're dreaming of the nomadic life or looking to enhance your on-the-go financial management, this guide is your first step towards a world of adventure underpinned by financial independence. Ready to explore the world without compromising your financial future? Let’s navigate the path to nomadic financial wisdom together!

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Mar 25, 2024 13 min read
Mastering Budget Travel: Essential Tips for Adventure Seekers to Explore More & Spend Less

Are you planning to travel to your dream destination? You must have saved for a long time and have planned well in advance, right? Do you have a budget? Or have you put off your plans because you don't have enough money? Well, don't worry. My Budget Sherpa is here to unlock the secrets to funding your wanderlust without breaking the bank! Discover how strategic budgeting and expense tracking can turn your travel dreams into reality, all while safeguarding your financial future. Join us as we delve into a real-life scenario that illustrates the power of financial planning for sustainable adventure-seeking. Don't let financial worries hold you back from exploring the world—learn how to travel smart and live your adventures to the fullest.

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Jan 10, 2024 24 min read
Exploring Mustang: Journey into the Hidden Kingdom of Nepal

Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, Mustang in Nepal is a destination that transcends the ordinary, weaving together the allure of ancient culture, breathtaking landscapes, and a sense of untouched serenity. Once known as the 'Forbidden Kingdom,' this enigmatic region has opened its doors, revealing a world that seems to exist in a different era. The stark beauty of its arid terrain, carved by winds and time, contrasts sharply with the vibrant cultural tapestry of its people, whose traditions and customs are deeply rooted in Tibetan Buddhism.

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Jan 5, 2024 29 min read
10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Nepal

You know, when people ask me why Nepal is such a special place to visit, I always start with its incredible natural diversity. Picture this: in a single country, you can go from the majestic heights of the Himalayas, including the awe-inspiring Mount Everest, down to the lush, wildlife-rich jungles like Chitwan. It's like a world tour wrapped into one nation. And that's just the beginning.

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Jan 4, 2024 10 min read
Vibrant Festivals of Nepal: What To Expect in Your 2024 Visit

Welcome to 2024, a year brimming with opportunities to immerse yourself in the cultural heartbeat of Nepal! As we step into this new year, it's the perfect time to plan your journey to this enchanting land, where each festival is not just a celebration, but a doorway into the rich tapestry of traditions that Nepal proudly upholds.

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Jun 29, 2023 10 min read
Fueling Nepal's IT Sector: The Impact of Tax Arrangements and Future Potential

From granting a 99% tax exemption on the export sales revenue for F/Y 2079/80 to granting a 50% tax exemption on the export sales revenue up to F/Y 2084/85, the government has undeniably taken a major leap to incentivize the IT sector in Nepal over the last two fiscal years. Learn more about the booming IT scenario in Nepal, the analysis of the incentivizing tax arrangements, and the predictable growth of the IT sector, in this article.

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May 23, 2023 9 min read
Retracing the Evolution of Investment Companies for Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal

With the introduction of new arrangements for investment companies, especially targeting foreign investors, whether investment companies will be the new popular vehicle for investing in Nepal is a matter of curiosity. We have discussed briefly the previous and new arrangements for investment companies and what the new arrangement has to offer. Retracing back, it is equally important to understand what precipitated the government to introduce an arrangement like this in Nepal in the first place, how the arrangements have been introduced so far, along with their implications, and what is so advantageous about establishing investment companies as a vehicle for investing in Nepal. So, let's retrace our steps, shall we?

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May 15, 2023 14 min read
Inappropriate Lending Practices & Loan Sharking in Nepal: The Need for Stricter Regulations

Inappropriate lending or loan sharking, known as “meter byaj” in Nepal, is an issue causing widespread financial devastation. It is not just about inappropriately charging higher rates of interest; loan sharks lend money at interest rates normally higher than the legal cap of 10%. One of the many inappropriate practices includes the loan sharks' refusal to accept principal and forcing borrowers to pay accumulating interest, leading to insurmountable debts. The newly enacted Ordinance has listed several acts that can constitute as inappropriate lending, such as preparing a deed with more money than actually lent, adding interest to the principal, charging higher interest than the principal amount, and threatening or assaulting the debtor to receive the disbursed loan amount. Inappropriate lending has complex origins, including the lack of access to financial solutions, lack of financial literacy, and vulnerability due to poor economic backgrounds. And in this article we discuss these issues in the light of the newly issued Ordinance by the Nepal Government.

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May 7, 2023 17 min read
New Arrangements for Investment Company Registration for Foreign Investors in Nepal

Government of Nepal first introduced the concept of investment company, as a new vehicle for investing in Nepal a long way back. Shortly afterwards, the arrangement was repealed before it could bear any fruit. After a few years of void, in 2078 B.S., government introduced the arrangement of investment company in a rather systematic manner. But the arrangement was again repealed after a year in 2079 B.S and a new set of arrangement was brought for the registration of investment company in Nepal. Now, what is the arrangement? Why all of these fluctuations for an arrangement? Why was the arrangement brought in the first place? And what are the possible implications of this arrangement?

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